Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Concord, NH

We’ve Got the Answers You Need

As a trusted, respected, and knowledgeable dentist in Concord, Dr. Homsi receives questions from dentistry patients all the time. His commitment to dental patient education makes it possible for him to provide clear answers no matter how in-depth or complex a person’s inquiry might be. If you’re interested in learning more about dentistry and its many facets, review the questions listed below along with answers provided by Dr. Homsi.

Why is early detection necessary for oral cancer?

Oral cancer takes the life of one individual every hour in the United States. If left untreated or misdiagnosed, it can significantly lower your chances of survival. However, with early detection oral cancer screening during your regular checkups, Dr. Homsi can survey the state of your oral health and determine if you need further testing from an outside specialist. This method of early detection allows for greater survival rates, which is good news for both patients and dentists.

Can I undergo dental implant placement at Charm Smile Dental?

Yes! Dr. Homsi is skilled and trained to place dental implants. There is no need for a referral. Instead, you can remain in one convenient location and receive high-quality, high-tech care all under one roof. Using digital, diagnostic imaging such as our CT/Cone Beam Scanner, he can better plan your treatment and ensure optimal results.

Will you accept my dental insurance?

Yes, we will be happy to welcome your dental insurance plan. While we are only in-network with Delta Dental, our team will work diligently with your insurance provider to ensure you get the best coverage available to you.

Please be assured that we do work 100% for our patients and we will do everything we can to maximize their benefits.

If I’m uninsured, how can I keep my treatment affordable?

There is no need to worry about taking care of your oral health even if you are uninsured. You can, instead, apply for flexible financing through CareCredit or Lending Club. Here, this third-party company will offer no surprise fees and low-to-no-interest financing to eligible enrollees.