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Dr. Mahmoud Homsi Always Looking Forward

Do you need oral surgery ? Are you looking for a skilled emergency dentist in your area? Are you overdue for your six-month checkup and cleaning? As a highly skilled and passionate dentist in Concord, Dr. Homsi is always thinking ahead, whether it’s about a dental patient’s treatment plan or a piece of dental technology that could benefit our dental office. This approach keeps our office at the forefront of dentistry while ensuring our patients consistently enjoy fully customized care that is tailored down to the smallest detail.

Meet Dr. Mahmoud Homsi
Patient Testimonials
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“Had tooth out. Dr Homsi was great, very competent and caring.”

- Anne McCullough

“Dr. Homsi is an artist who does beautiful work. He has a great staff who are very attentive and kind. I grew up with a grandfather as my dentist. Dr. Homsi is much like him. You can send your loved ones and dearest friends with absolute confidence.”

- Kat Branden

“They’re all incredibly nice and easy to work with!”

- Ty Tanium

Our Dental Office

Beautiful, Exotic
& Homey

In addition to having plenty of great dental technology, our nearby dental office also features wood furniture imported from Dr. Homsi’s native Syria, giving our space a unique but homey atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re visiting a friend’s house from across the globe!

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Financial Options

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Dental Provider

We are in-network with Delta Dental and accept plans from all other dental insurance providers. We’re more than ready to maximize your benefits!

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You can spread out paying your dental care costs with little-to-no-interest, and signing up only takes a few minutes.

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A History Of Excellence

Our dental office has been providing exceptional dental care to the Concord community since 1981. Dr. Vandis built this dental office from scratch, and he designed it to be his dream dental office. We are still seeing dentistry patients who were dental patients of Dr. Vandis. Some of them were kids back then, and now they have their own kids and grandkids. Dr. Hulshult then came in and joined Dr. Vandis where they worked together for a couple of years until Dr. Vandis retired. Dr. Hulshult became the sole owner of the dental office and expanded the dental office grew. Dr. Homsi came in and kept the ship moving, adding his own touches, making it his own, and expanding it to what it currently is.

Collage of images of former and current Concord dentists at Charm Smile Dental

Frequently Asked Questions

At our office, we want you to truly feel like you have all the information you need regarding your oral health and your options for treatment. When you ask us a question, we will be sure to give you a clear answer. If you check the FAQs below, you’ll see some examples of common dental questions as well as our team’s helpful responses. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you can’t find the information you need on this page.

What is the Best Way to Find a Cosmetic Dentist?

Plenty of dentists can perform cosmetic dental procedures, but some have more training in the field than others. If your goal is to improve the appearance of your smile, it can help to look for a dentist who is associated with an organization that provides advanced training for cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Homsi happens to belong to one of these organizations: the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He also offers a wide range of services for correcting aesthetic dental flaws, including veneers, metal-free restorations, cosmetic dental bonding, professional teeth whitening, Invisalign clear aligners, and gum recontouring.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in learning about how our team can help make the smile of your dreams a reality.

How Do I Find the Best Place to Get Dental Work Done?

The best way to choose a dentist is to carefully consider the traits that matter most to you. Chances are you want a practice that will take your insurance, has hours that work for your schedule, is located nearby, and offers a variety of services beyond routine preventive care. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for so that you can narrow down the practice that’s right for you. Don’t forget to take a look at the dentist’s credentials as well as the feedback that the practice has received online.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Tooth Pulled Without Insurance?

It’s difficult to give an exact answer to this question since there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account, such as the complexity of the case, the number of teeth that need to be removed, the possible use of sedation, and any related procedures. A reliable estimate can be provided once our team has completed an examination of your mouth.

What Do You Do If You Can’t Afford a Dentist?

Paying for dental care is typically much easier if you have a reliable dental insurance plan. We are in-network with Delta Dental and can also file claims for other dental PPOs. Patients without insurance may instead want to think about applying for financing. Third-party companies such as CareCredit and Lending Club give you the option of breaking up the cost of your care, thus putting less of a strain on your budget.

Conveniently Located Near You

Our dental office in your area is at 54 South St, between Rte 13 and S Spring St, less than five minutes west of Main St and south of Pleasant St. You can click the map to instantly get directions, or you can always give us a call if you have questions.

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