Should You Go to the ER for a Dental Emergency?

June 15, 2023

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Experiencing a dental emergency can be an alarming and often painful situation, causing distress and disrupting daily activities. This includes having trouble at work, sleeping, and eating. Understanding whether to visit your dentist or the emergency room is vital to ensure prompt treatment. Continue reading to learn when a dental emergency necessitates immediate attention from a dentist and when a visit to the emergency room may be the better option.

Why You Should Visit the Dentist Instead of the ER

Emergency room personnel possess extensive expertise in delivering urgent medical care. However, it’s important to note that most emergency rooms lack dental professionals on staff. Although they can provide temporary relief for dental concerns such as bleeding or pain, it is generally advisable to visit your dentist for comprehensive and specialized dental care.

Furthermore, emergency rooms often have lengthier wait times compared to dental offices, which can exacerbate the severity of your dental emergency while waiting for treatment. Additionally, seeking dental treatment at the emergency room tends to be more expensive compared to a dental office.

Dentists typically offer timely appointments and are often able to accommodate dental emergencies on the same day, ensuring prompt and cost-effective care. With their specialized training, dentists are equipped to diagnose and treat dental emergencies, providing the best outcome for your oral health.

When to Visit the Emergency Room Instead

While it is generally advised to visit your dentist for a dental emergency, there are certain situations in which a visit to the emergency room may be necessary. These situations include if you have:

  • Life-threatening symptoms like difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • An extremely high fever due to a tooth infection
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • A serious facial injury
  • A broken jaw

How Can I Know Who to Visit?

Deciding whether to seek treatment at the emergency room or your dentist’s office for a dental emergency can be a difficult decision. While the emergency room is equipped to handle immediate life-threatening concerns, it is crucial to recognize that dental issues require specialized care.

Your dentist is the ideal professional to provide long-term solutions for bite problems, damaged restorations, and tooth replacements. They can also offer comprehensive follow-up care to ensure your oral health is effectively managed.

While it is crucial to take preventive measures to minimize the risk of dental emergencies, they can still happen unexpectedly. Armed with the information shared above, you will be empowered with the knowledge to effectively manage future dental emergencies and seek the appropriate professional care to restore your smile.

About the Practice

At Charm Smile Dental, Dr. Mahmoud Homsi and his dedicated team are dedicated to delivering outstanding oral healthcare to patients in Concord and nearby regions. With a strong emphasis on comfort and a compassionate approach, they strive to create a stress-free dental experience while providing the highest level of care and respect. In the event of a dental emergency, they offer a comprehensive range of services to swiftly address the situation and restore your smile to optimal health. To schedule an appointment with Charm Smile Dental or to explore the exceptional emergency services they provide, call their office at (603) 228-0123 or visit their website.

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